Bella Ci Dormi (Songs I Love #23)

By July 25, 2016 Inspiration

I recently worked with my friend Mauro Durante on a song for the new album I Dreamed An Island. The song called “Bring Down The Wall” is sung in English but has a middle eight section that Mauro wrote the lyrics for in Salentino, the dialect of the southern most part of Puglia in southern Italy.

I wanted the album to reflect the diversity of cultures and languages of the Norman kingdom of 12th century Sicily that inspired the writing of the the record and in the songs, English is interspersed with Palermitano, Salentino, Arabic and French.

I’ve just posted a new cover, “Bella ci dormi” for my ongoing cover series, Songs I Love.

Although the song isn’t on the new album, I wanted to post it on the blog as I sing it in the Salentino dialect that you’ll also eventually hear on I Dreamed An Island.