Artwork in progress

By June 30, 2016 Artwork

I’ve been working these days on the artwork for I Dreamed An Island. I’m not there yet but I wanted to keep you posted on developments. Here’s a peak into what I’ve been up to.

Using a combination of watercolour and cut out paper, I imagined a figure in a small boat with a makeshift sail, drifting out at sea. In order to create a greater sense of depth to the image, I’m playing around with placing two dimensional elements in a three dimensional setting, allowing me to use lighting as if it were a mini theatre set. Those of you who know my previous albums are aware of my love of all things to do with paper and specifically the way that cutting paper can be used to create interesting effects.

But making artwork for albums can be a tricky process too. The idea is to find the kind of poetic image that represents in some way the essence of the album, albeit without limiting it either. The image must marry the title too, encapsulating it or framing it in the mind of the listener and for both practical and commercial reasons, it needs to look good on any scale from the cover of a vinyl edition or a large scale poster to a digital thumbnail.
Back to work then!

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