First pages from my sketchbooks

By March 12, 2016 Artwork

Recently I’ve started to wander around with a sketchbook again, an old habit from my art school days.
The world is so digital now, i’m glad to be to re-connect with a handwritten or hand drawn way of observing the world. Although you can draw on a tablet, nothing beats pencil on paper.
Songs can come from so many potential sources and I love to be able to fill sketchbooks with potential ideas and line drawing allows me to perceive a scene in a different way than if I was taking a photo so here are some pages from my sketchbooks.

Otherwise, as I’ll be inviting a few different musicians to collaborate on I dreamed an island, I wanted to make a simple line drawing of each of my guests for the record. Here’s one of my friend Loy Ehrlich and the first little portrait from the series:

loy ehrlich